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The Legendary Four Aces

Judul: The Legendary Four Aces
Genre: Ancient, comedy
Tahun Produksi: 2000
Total: 6
Harga: 35.000
Pemain: Nick Cheung, Esther Kwan, Gordon Lam, NNadia Chan, Bobby Au Yeung
This series takes place in the Ming Dynasty. Three scholars in Suzhou are getting ready to compete. They are Tong Bak Fu, Chook Chi San and Mun Jing Ming. The three are competing with another group of scholars. Bak Fu and his friends had already won two rounds. They are heading for the third. Jing Ming won the first round while Chi San lost the second round by accidently tossing his shoe at the opponent. Now it’s up to Bak Fu to win. While his opponent is starting to draw, Bak Fu is sitting and drinking tea, as if he was waiting for the opponent to finish. When the opponent was about to finish, Bak Fu started his drawing and finished just in time. At first the judges thought that the opponent should win because he had over a 100 flowers on his painting(they were supposed to draw a “Hundred Flower Painting”). Tong Bak Fu only had one. When they announced the winner, Bak Fu argued that he should win because his flower was the prettiest of all the 100 flowers. Suddenly, butterflies came flying towards Bak Fu’s painting. The judges were amazed at the butterflies and re-announced Bak Fu and company as the winner.

A man from Persia named Chow Mun Bun wanted to challenge Bak Fu. He did some cruel things to make Bak Fu to accept the challenge. He wrecked Bak Fu’s life and Bak Fu had to stand up to him. Bak Fu’s mother sent him, Chi San and Jing Ming to Cheung Lok Fong to get some help from her brother. Chi San had a vision problem, so Wah Bing Yeen, a doctor, helped him with his vision. Jing Ming had a problem too. He was too weak to defend Chow Mun Bun. A gambler helped him. As for Bak Fu, he needed to be emotional. He was emotionless and never knew what was love because he married at a very young age. After meeting Chow Yuet, he developed feelings and emotions.

They beat Chow Mun Bun at the challenge and injured Chow’s hand so that he could not use his right hand ever again. That was the request from Chu Chi Kin, the person who Chow Mun Bun wanted to use. The three scholars were back to their normal lives but Jing Ming had a little problem. Princess Chu Ping Ting is always after him because she believes that he stole the imperial jade seal. Later, she made him lose a chance to go to the capital and take the official’s exam. He got mad at her and dumped water on her twice. She was now in love with Jing Ming! Jing Ming had some feelings for her but he was always serious about school and did not think about love. On the day of Ping Ting’s marriage to the Tartan prince, he came running after her. He had strong feelings for her and didn’t want her to marry the prince and leave. The prince wasn’t pleased so Chi San said that whoever will take this poison medicine will prove that he really loves Ping Ting. The prince refused, so Jing Ming took it. Ping Ting thought he would die, but Chi San said that he could take as many as he wants because it’s not poison, it’s just yeast.

Bak Fu’s dream was to go to the capital and take the official’s exam. His father refused to allow it because he believed that the curse set up by Chow Mun Bun’s grandpa was real (There was a misunderstanding between Chow and Tong, which led to the curse). If a Tong goes to take the exam, he will die during the journey to the capital. His father said that Bak Fu was the only male left in his generation and that if he married again and the wife brought him a son, then he may go. Bak Fu spent days trying to figure out who he should marry. He doesn’t know that Hiu Lin, Chi San’s younger sister is in love with him.

Bak Fu’s first wife, Chiu Yung, thinks that Bak Fu likes Hiu Lin, so she wanted her to go to the family dinner. However, on the other hand, Bak Fu really likes Chow Yuet and wanted her to come to the dinner, which meant he want to take her as wife. Everything was screwed up and the Tong family had an argument about who Bak Fu should marry. Chi San begged Bak Fu to marry Hiu Lin because when she heard that Bak Fu was going to marry Chow Yuet instead of her, she got kinda crazy. So Bak Fu agreed. On the day of the marriage, Bak Fu’s teacher, Chow Sung was killed. Chow Yuet left after Bak Fu went to see what happened to Chow Sung (Chow Yuet is a spy/killer). Bak Fu and company thought that Chow Mun Bun was the killer because he never liked Chow Sung. Chow Mun Bun still hated Bak Fu because he thought that Bak Fu’s grandpa killed his grandpa. However, a monk told him that the misunderstanding was started by him. It turned out that the monk had stole Tong’s money bag and accused Chow. Tong believed the child and his mother (she was disguising as a nun). Chow set a curse on Tong for not believing him and vanished. Finally, Mun Bun understood the real story.

At the same time, Bak Fu and company found evidence that Mun Bun is innocent. When Mun Bun is released from jail, the four becomes close friends. Okay, this review is too long. I’ll just tell you who ends up with who. Bak Fu ends up with Chow Heung, the twin of Chow Yuet. He divorces Hiu Lin. Chi San is with Sek Lau, a cook and a friend of Chow Heung. Jing Ming is with Ping Ting, they end up with two sons. Mun Bun ends up with…Hiu Lin. How? He started to like Hiu Lin but she was already married to Bak Fu. Bak Fu was happy to divorce her.

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